PhotoModeler ist die professionelle Wahl für 3D-Modellierung und Messung in vielen Branchen und Anwendungen.

PhotoModeler ist überall erfolgreich, wo 3D-Modelle und Messungen aus Fotos verwendet werden, vor allem, wo hohe Genauigkeiten und eine berührungslose Messung wichtig sind.. Wenn Sie mehr darüber erfahren möchten, für welche Anwendungsgebiete sich PhotoModeler eignet, kontaktieren Sie uns einfach.


Unfallszenen und forensische Anwendungen

Verwenden Sie eine Kamera, um Diagramme, Messungen und Scans für Unfallrekonstruktionen und Forensik durchzuführen.

  • Diagramme von Unfallszenen: Erzeugen Sie Diagramme und Karten von vorhandenen Szenen mit Ihrer Kamera.
  • Messung von Fahrzeugverformungen: Messen von Fahrzeugzusammenstößen entweder mit Ihrer oder unbekannten Kameras.
  • Tatorte: Tatort-Diagramme, Flugbahnbestimmung einer 3D-Kugel, Schuh- und Reifendruck-Scan und Messung von Blutspritzern.
  • Überwachungs-Video: Erkennung der Maße Verdächtiger und Diagramme aus einem einzigen Foto.



Die Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Photogrammetrie in der Archäologie sind vielfältig - von der Modellierung von Artefakten bis zur Modellierung von großen Ausgrabungen aus Luftaufnahmen!
PhotoModeler wird von Archäologen und Anthropologen für folgende Gebiete verwendet:

  • Messen und Erstellen von 3D-Modellen aus Artefakten
  • Durchführung von morphologischen Messungen
  • Dokumentation von Ausgrabungsstätten, Gelände oder Strukturen vor Ort
  • Messen von Schiffswracks
  • Dokumentieren Sie ältere Strukturen für die Erhaltung und Konservierung
  • Extrahieren der 3D-Oberfläche von Höhlenmalereien, Felszeichnungen oder Schnitzereien
  • Modellierung von Objekten für kuratorische Zwecke


Architecture and Preservation

PhotoModeler software is widely used as a measurement and modeling tool in architectural, preservation, conservation and cultural resource management applications for:

  • Documenting and measuring older buildings and structures for conservation and preservation
  • Generating 3D models for visualization and view studies
  • Generating elevation drawings of your existing structures
  • Generating rectified photographs of facades from single and multiple photo projects
  • Producing photo-textured 3D models for realistic walk-bys
  • Surveying existing structures and objects
  • With PhotoModeler Scanner, obtain scans of facades, esp. those with complex shapes and natural textures. Details can also be captured in stone and brick walls.



The applications for PhotoModeler Scanner in medicine and biology are in morphological measurements using 3D surfaces and point cloud measurements. Analyzing and tracking scoliosis, foot shape, and other deformities are some possibilities.



PhotoModeler software has many capabilities and features that support the requirements of engineers and scientists. Mechanical, civil and chemical engineers use PhotoModeler for a diverse set of measuring and dimensioning tasks. The use of PhotoModeler by research scientists and academics is only limited by the imagination!

With PhotoModeler you can:

  • Generate as-built drawings
  • Perform high-density surface modeling
  • Measure and Model existing installations and equipment
  • Do reverse-modeling of mechanical parts
  • Model cylindrical objects such as pipes and vessels without pre-targeting
  • Perform dynamic measurements on equipment or processes
  • Export models for use in CAD programs
  • Track deformation and other movement/shape changes with PhotoModeler Motion.


Film, Gaming and Animation

PhotoModeler is a powerful tool for creating 3D models for animation and multimedia applications and is used extensively in animation, film and video production (pre and post). With this award-winning modeling tool, you can export simply and easily detailed 3D models with photo-textures for use in 3D Studio, OBJ, and VRML formats for use in many programs like Maya, 3D Studio Max, XSI, Cinema 4D, etc.. As well computed camera position data can also be exported.
With PhotoModeler Scanner's Idealize capability you can remove all distortions from the original photos to provide highly precise background plates for further modeling work in your favorite modeling package.

With PhotoModeler you can:

  • Build 3D models to use in animation and rendering programs
  • Model objects for Computer Based Training
  • Measure or model sets and locations
  • Perform perspective matching to synchronize a CG camera to real photos/frames
  • With Idealize remove distortions from background plates
  • Export realistic texture maps from original photographs
  • Create life-like photo-textured models with low polygon counts
  • Create 3D models of existing objects for use on web pages


Geology and Mining

There are a number of applications in mining, quarrying and geology for PhotoModeler and PhotoModeler Scanner. PhotoModeler Scanner provides a very cost effective and efficient method for modeling the earth surface, cliff and exposed rock faces, stockpiles, and tailing piles.
One can extract dense point grids (similar to a laser scanner) by taking the appropriate photographs and loading them into PhotoModeler Scanner for processing. In addition surfaces, contour lines, and measurements can be done on the resulting point clouds. Far more cost effective than using traditional surveying methods!



PhotoModeler is the ultimate survey tool when bringing bulky equipment into rugged field conditions isn’t an option. When you need higher accuracy in your point clouds than your laser scanner can provide, PhotoModeler Scanner is your solution.
PhotoModeler is the most versatile tool available for a surveyor’s toolbox, capable of generating results as a standalone application, or for combining with data sets from other devices for control and alignment of your critical survey projects.

  • Land surveys, slope/grade and property lines
  • Document as-built conditions of structures large and small
  • Site damage inspection
  • Compare site or structure conditions over time
  • Collect data from a safe distance in hazardous environments
  • Works with ground, aerial, underwater photos